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I will walk through the desert along one of the paths known as the "spice route" or "parfume road". It derived this name in ancient times when spices were a highly prized commodity, and were transported across the deserts to the urban centers along the Mediterranean shore.The transportation of these spices was a highly profitable endeavor, which made control of these shipping routes important.

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The secret Nabatean camel route that crossed the Negev has been recently rediscovered. On its way from Arabia to the Mediterranean shore, the 1 600 kilometer-long route passes through Petra, a city carved in the red rock of the mountains of Edom, and descends the serpentine Wadi Mussa to the Arava Valley. After crossing the Arava, it enters the canyon of Nahal Nekarot and climbs through the passes hewn out of the rocky cliffs to the Nabatean city of Avdat. Here, the camels and their drivers rested before the last leg of the track.

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